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11 Benefits of Betel Leaves For Healthy Body

Benefits of Betel Leaves - Betel or which has the Latin name Piper betle L/Chaciva Aurculata Miq is one yanng very popular plant in Indonesia and become one plant that has a lot of good benefits for our health. Betel has many types, such as betel Java, red betel, betel cloves, betel yellow and many other types of betel is also rich in benefits. In the myriad of betel leaves contain substances such as phenyl, essential oil, propane, estragol, kavicol, hidroksivakol, kavibetol, starch, terpennena, diastase, tannins, cadinene, cyneole, allylpyrokatekol, sesquiterpene and several other substances that are required by our bodies.
Betel Leaves For Healthy Body

Here are some benefits of betel leaves that are good for health

  • Helps relieve coughing.
  • Eliminating bad breath.
  • Prevent damage to the teeth.
  • Treating a nosebleed.
  • Cure bronchitis.
  • Accelerating penyambuhan burns.
  • Treat ulcers.
  • Relieves itching and red eyes due to irritation.
  • Stopping the bleeding gums.
  • Treat thrush.
  • Treating acne and eliminate acne.
Those are some of the benefits and efficacy million betel leaves are very good for the health of our bodies.

Efficacy betel leaf for health

It turns out is a lot of people eat betel leaf benefits our bodies. Therefore, for those of you who have an illness or problem as described above, it is recommended to try to treat this by utilizing the betel leaf. It is very easy, you just boil betel leaves mixed with water to boiling water and leave about one small cup to drink every day on a regular basis.