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12 Basil leaves health benefits for men and women

Basil leaves health benefits - Basil leaves are often used in a variety of cuisines, especially in pepes [Indonesian foods]. Plant with the Latin name "Ocimum basilicum" has a distinctive smell that fragrant, so as to add the fragrance to the dish. Useful addition to the cuisine, basil has a number of health benefits.

basil leaves health benefits

12 Basil Leaves for Health Benefits

The number of compounds in basil provide tremendous benefits. Here are some basil leaves health benefits for both men and women.

1. Treat fever and colds

Nice basil leaves are used as herbs for colds and fever in infants and toddlers. Take a few leaves of basil and knead with red bottom and coconut oil. Then apply on the stomach, chest, and on the back of toddlers.

2. Healthy eyes and mouth

Basil Leaves health benefits for eyes and mouth. Vitamin A in the basil leaves have the ability to treat eye infections, relieving eye stress, and prevent other disorders. Not only that, in addition to the benefits of mint leaves, basil also has a refreshing effect of bad breath if consumed.

3. Smooth mother's milk

Basil leaves health benefits for pregnant women are able to smooth milk. Fresh basil leaves is believed can prevent body odor and bad breath, as well as facilitate breastfeeding. To get this benefit, the consumption of basil in a way making it as fresh vegetables.

4. Anti-inflammatory

The basil leaves health benefits as an anti-inflammatory. Basil is an anti-inflammatory agent in charge heal swelling and relieve arthritis. Basil leaves are also good sources of calcium include bone needed to prevent osteoporosis.

5. Menopause

Basil leaves benefits for menopause. Basil leaves beneficial to delay menopause, because the substances in the basil leaves tryptophan may delay menopause. Therefore, consumption basil regularly if you want to postpone the mass of menopause.

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6. Preventing a cough

The health benefits of basil leaves to cough. In Thailand, basil is used as seasoning. In India and parts of Africa, basil leaves brewed into tea. Basil tea served at the turn of the season, when local people susceptible to coughs, colds, or fevers.

7. Preventing Whitish

Basil leaves contain a compound that called eugenol, these compounds can kill the fungi that cause vaginal discharge. So, when you experience vaginal discharge, consume basil leaves regularly, can be as a salad or mixed with other foods.

8. Stimulate egg cell

Basil leaves benefits for women's health. Basil leaves can help the process of maturation of the egg (ovulation) because the substances stigmaasterol in basil stimulates the maturation of the egg (ovulation).

9. The anti-inflammatory

The health benefits of basil leaves as anti-inflammatory. The content of cineole, myrcene and eugenol contained in basil leaves function as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.

10. Heart Health

Basil leaves benefits for heart. Based on several studies, basil has role in maintaining heart health because it contains beta-carotene, and magnesium. Both are important mineral that serves to preserve and maintain cardiovascular health.

11. Overcoming Stroke

The next benefit is to prevent and overcome stroke. Basil works by improving blood vessel function pulse (artery) in stroke patients, because the isoflavone content in basil may improve blood vessel function pulse (artery) in stroke patients.

12. Other benefits

Others basil leaves health benefits. Smokers can chew basil leaves whenever they want to smoke. By doing so, the antioxidant power is able to fix a broken system from the effects of nicotine. Basil is also effective to relieve stress, prevent diabetes, and to overcome kidney stones.

Those are some basil leaves health benefits for both men and women. From now, please diligent consume basil leaves.