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12 Health Benefits of Beet [part 1]

12 Health Benefits of Beet - The beet have utility very much for health. This fruit does not grow in any place, so it is very rarely found in Asia. But the fruit is grown in the United States and some other countries. Beet is the tuber of a plant that grows like a cassava generally, the tuber is used for various medical purposes. In the world of herbs, beet is widely used to cure various diseases.

Benefits of beet for health not separated from the nutrient content in it. Among these contents are as follows:

  1. Folic Acid 34%, Function: to grow and replace the damaged cells.
  2. Potassium 14.8%, Function: Streamlining the fluid balance in the body.
  3. Fiber 13.6%,
  4. Vitamin C 10.2%, Function: to grow the network and normalize blood vessels.
  5. Magnesium 9.8%, Function: Maintaining the function of muscles and nerves.
  6. Tryptophan 1.4%,
  7. Iron 7.4%, Function: energy metabolism and immune system.
  8. Copper 6.5%, Function: Forms red blood cells.
  9. Phosphorus 6.5%, Function: Strengthen bones.
  10. Caumarin that works to prevent tumors.
  11. Betasianin as a cancer preventive.
12 Health Benefits of Beet

After knowing the nutrient content in the beet, here we look at some of Health Benefits of Beet.

1. As a heart medicine, natural cleaners for kidney and gall bladder.

Health Benefits of Beet for liver health, natural cleaning kidney and gall bladder. In addition, beet is also useful for cleaning and neutralize toxins in the body. Fight infection and address the problem of kidney stones.

Make a natural remedy for kidney health problem is by combining the beet juice, carrot and cucumber juice drink, this mixture as an herbal and remedy to cleanse the kidneys, liver and bile.

In addition to making the juice of a mixture of beet and other fruits, health benefits of beet can also be obtained by boiling the fruit of medium-size beets that have sliced. And drink before going to bed as much as one glass. This beet cooking water will help perilstatik muscle movement, so the next morning bowel movement be smoothly.

2. Destroying the tumor cells and cancer
Health benefits of beet for cancer. Beet juice is rich with antioxidants, antioxidants are needed by cancer patients.

Here's how to make beet juice to overcome cancer

Chopped 2 medium carrots, chopped ½ medium-size beets, 2 stalks celery, 30 grams of spinach and 4 parsley stems. Everything juiced and drunk immediately.

3. Strengthening the function of blood
Health Benefits of beet can also strengthen the body's blood functions as dealers transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. So the essential nutrients from food can be beneficial for the body optimally.

4. Boost immunity
Furthermore, the health benefits of beet to boost immunity. Bulbs from beet crop is very useful for health, especially increasing the body's resistance to diseases. High vitamin C content in the beet make the fruit is very beneficial for the immune system.

5. Overcoming anemia
Beet reddish color is associated with the color of human blood, so it is used to overcome the problem of anemia. Actually, the protector of anemia is iron content, which reactivate and regenerates red blood cells and oxygen supply are useful for healthy red blood cells.

How to make beet juice to treat anemia:

Clean beet, peeled, cut and put in a blender or grated
Then squeeze take the water (for 1 cup), pour into a glass and ready to be drunk.

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