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Various Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit

Various Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit - Dragon fruit is a fruit that has always been a major concern for the community tionghoa, in every event, people always bring Tionghoa dragon fruit as an entree. This may be because they are always identical with the mythical dragon. But we are not talking about this here.

Dragon fruit is very beneficial for our health. Dragon fruit (classified as tribal cactus) is known to contain a variety of active compounds that have pharmacological effects on the human body. Dragon fruit has many types, such as red dragon fruit, white dragon fruits. Dragon fruit is good for health, even the fruit is highly recommended for consumption by pregnant women.
Various Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit

Compounds in Dragon Fruit

Red dragon fruit is the same with the other dragon fruit, but the difference was that the red dragon fruit has red flesh color. Red dragon fruit has a fruity aroma than Sweety, like other fruits.

Flavors of red fruit more sweet than sour. Red dragon fruit are known to be very beneficial for the health of these contain substances such as simple sugars, natural fibers, beta-carotene, calcium, fat, phosphorus, protein, vitamins B1, B2 and C, water and others. Since the number of ingredients in red fruit, it is also a lot of benefits for health.
Various Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit
The main benefit of dragon fruit is as relieving thirst, because this fruit contains water and usually used to make juice, dragon fruit juice. The water content to 90% of the total weight of the fruit. Natural sugar contained in fruit dragon reaches Briks 1318. In addition to release thirst and hunger. Red dragon fruit benefits are: as balancing blood sugar levels, prevent cancer potency, maintaining mouth health, reducing bad cholesterol, and prevent bleeding, for women dragon fruit can be useful as a reliever whiteness.

Besides, dragon fruit contains fiber which is quite high, and this is very useful for digestion. in addition, fiber is also needed by the body to fight and prevent diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. In dragon fruit also a high beta-carotene.