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8 Benefits of Bilberry for Our Health

8 Benefits of Bilberry for Our Health - Bilberry fruit is a fruit that is dark and small. Bilberry is a shrub that grows to a height of about 50 cm. Bilberry comes from Europe, and also developed in Asia and North America. This plant is still in the same class of plants such as cranberry, blueberry and huckleberry.

Benefits of Bilberry for Our Health

Bilberry Benefits for Our Health

This fruit is known by a variety of benefits for human health, ranging from health to heart health to eye.

1. strengthen eyesight
Bilberry fruit is very well known in Europe as it has an important substance in it that are beneficial for eye health. Bilberry can prevent eye problems. This substance is called by the name of anthocyanosides. These substances that play a role in preventing various eye problems such as cataracts, night blindness, and glaucoma.

Anthocyanosides compounds are also capable of reducing the level of macular degeneration, thus making the eye continues to function normally.

2. Maintain digestive health
Bilberry fruit is also very beneficial for digestion. Bilberry can combat a variety of problems related to digestion. Eating fruit can prevent problems bulberry diarrhea, indigestion and dysentery, stomach infection.

3. Strengthen the immune system
Benefits of bilberry fruit can maintain the health of the body fit. content of anti-oxidants in Bilberry fruit can fight free radicals thus increasing immunity.

If a healthy immune system, then someone will avoid the flu, colds, coughs and infections.

4. Maintain healthy blood
Bilberry contains several types of flavonoids that are beneficial to thin the blood, thus reducing the likelihood of high blood pressure and maintain the integrity of capillaries.

In addition, Bilberry fruit also helps alleviate some vascular disorders such as angina and varicose veins.

5. Improve women's health
This miracle fruit is believed to prevent and to reduce menstrual cramps in women. In addition, consuming Bilberry regularly will help treat and prevent ulcers fibrocystic breast disease.

6. Anti-inflammatory
Bilberry can accelerate the healing of burns, because it contains anti-inflammatory in it. Bilberry fruit also help clear the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and throat.

7. stop the bleeding
Bilberry fruit is another benefit is that it helps stop excessive bleeding.

8. Improve heart health
Bilberry fruit to balance the blood, so taking Bilberry fruit regularly will make more heart healthy and avoid high blood pressure and low blood. Bilberry also improves the blood supply to the nerves and prevent diabetes.

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