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20 Health Benefits of Apples | Rarely Known

20 Health Benefits of Apples - Apple is a fruit that has a slick seductive shape, smooth skin makes its own appeal to the viewer. Health benefits of apples for very much, just as I've explained in a previous article. Apple fruit also one of many fruit that contain pectin. Pectin is also have benefits to human health.

Before we look at 20 health benefits of apples, let's first take a look at the types of apples grown in the world. because there are many kinds of apples, ranging from apple green, red, yellow and others.
Benefits of Apples | Rarely Known

Several types of Apples

Yellow apples. This apple is also called the "Golden Delicious", came from America, this apple is usually used raw materials applesauce.
  • Red apples. Also called by called "Red Delicious", this is the type of apple that is very much found everywhere. planted many, many encountered in fruit market
  • Fuji apples. is also called the "Gala", comes from New Zealand, this is apples that taste the freshest and sweetest apples among others.
  • Granny Smith. Looks like apple is less familiar in the eyes of the people of Indonesia, these apples are from Australia and have a sour taste, green color, medium-sized, usually made for cooking.
  • Manalagi apples. Local apples, the most common color is green
  • Malang apples. Local apples, apples from Malang is usually made chips by food entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

20 Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are always investigated by researchers, so the new benefits of apples being discovered. Apples are not only useful to beautify the skin, but also can beautify the inside. Want to know what the health benefits of apples, please read on
  1. Nourish the Digestive Tract
  2. Treating and Preventing Anemia
  3. Prevent and treating rheumatism
  4. Healthy female breasts
  5. Nourish our hearts
  6. Lowering Cholesterol
  7. Preventing senile
  8. Neutralize Blood Sugar Levels
  9. Lose Weight
  10. Work Helps Small Bowel
  11. Improve Skin Health
  12. Restore the flagging body/body refreshing
  13. Caring for Teeth/tooth whitening
  14. Restore Stamina Body
  15. Caring Heart
  16. Suppress the growth of cancer cells in the lungs
  17. Healthy eyes
  18. Preventing and Treating asthma
  19. Caring for Bones From Fragility (Osteoporosis)
  20. Feeding the brain/smarter brain
How? already know the 20 tremendous health benefits of apples. The price is a bit expensive, but the benefits of eating apples on a regular basis is also very amazing for our health, then if we have excess, no one makes an apple as one of the family's favorite fruit.